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Alcoa, TN

alcoa high school

2015 / 190,000 SF / $26.5 million

1,000 Students

The new 1,000-student comprehensive high school is situated on property where the original west plant of ALCOA Inc. was located and is adjacent to the existing high school. Since completion of the new high school, Alcoa City Schools has provided growth in student population across all levels of the system by converting the existing elementary school to a primary school (Pre-K through 2nd grade); converting the existing middle school to an intermediate school (3rd through 5th grades) and relocating the middle school to the existing high school. The site plan for the high school also allows for potential future expansion, should the need arise. The school is a state-of-the-art facility which acknowledges its place in the Alcoa community. Detailing on the exterior of the new school borrows heavily from the past, taking visual cues from previous iconic ALCOA Inc. and Alcoa City School buildings. The two-story structure’s exterior skin is predominantly brick with precast concrete accents. Other exterior materials were used to offer a subtle nod to the role of ALCOA Inc. in the community.

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